Support for Your Health, Mind and Body

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                                            Physician prescribed, science based nutraceuticals for your improved health.






Nutraceuticals that are innovative, science-based, natural approach to maximize health.  Safe and effective way to improve your state of well being .


Metagenics is an industry leader in the manufacture of nutraceuticals.  T he manufacturing facility is GMP certified to ensure the highest quality standards are met.  Ingredients are evaluated regularly to maintain the highest  quality and purity for maximum effectiveness.  All formulations are reviewed for patient  safety by research professionals in the science.  Metagenics has a Functional Medicine Research Center that conducts ongoing human clinical studies to determine safety and efficacy of the products for reliable patient outcomes.




Metagenics has created formulations that effectively support


              -blood sugar                                  -immunity

              -bones                                           -intestinal

              -cardiovascular                              -joints & muscles         

              -energy                                          -nerves

              -hormones -stress


Nutraceuticals that are well researched.  Prescribed products that you can trust.


Book a consult with Dr. Kirsten to determine which nutraceuticals or combination of nutraceuticals that will best suit your needs.


                      Phone 250-354-2003 to make your appointment for better health.