Kootenay Medical Aesthetics

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Dr. Andre Kirsten               MD, MBChB, CCFP, FAARFM          



Nicoleen Kirsten          Certified Technician   

Tracey Martin              Certified Technician, Licensed Esthetician

Deb Glatiotis                Office Manager

Dana Gould                   Receptionist, Licensed Esthetician


Dr. Kirsten's


Fellowship Anti-Aging, Regenerative, & Functional Medicine                                        2011

American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative  Medicine                                       2009

Canadian Family Practice Board                                                                             1999


Advanced Training

American Academy of Anti-Aging

              Metabolic, Anti-aging & Functional Approach to Endocrinology                 2010

World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine                                                                    2009

World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Biomedical Technologies                      2006-2009

American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine                                                               2007

American Academy of Dermatology                               

              Advance in Cosmetic & Medical Dermatology                                           2006

American Academy of Family Physicians

              Cosmetic Laser Procedures for Skin Rejuvenation                                     2006

              Mesotherapy Procedures                                                                          2006

              Advanced Aesthetics Procedures & Laser Techniques                               2005

              Cosmetic Laser Procedures & Laser Techniques                                       2005

              Anti-aging & Weight Loss Procedures                                                       2005

                            -bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

                            -sex hormone replacement therapy

                            -growth hormone & DHEA replacement therapy



Active Member of      Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine                since    2005

Active Member of      American Association of Aesthetic Medicine                since    2005

Active Member of      American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine                since    2007          


Ph  250-354-2003       Fax  250-354-2073



Office Hours  Monday to Friday   9:30 am  - 6:00 pm

Suite 202,  402 Baker Street,    Nelson, B.C.  V1L 4H8

Upstairs in the Nelson Trading Company