Skin Care

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"Confused about all the skin care products available today - come visit us, we can help"


Physician prescribed, medical grade skin care products are available to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots/pigmentation, acne, and rosacea.

Products are formulated for dry, oily, sensitive or acne prone skin.

Cosmeceuticals, Naturaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals.

Book a consultation to have your skin assessed and an individualized skin care plan tailored to meet your needs and goals. Pamper your skin with the very best active ingredients to cleanse, nourish and protect it. Dedicated use will result in healthy, radiant & rejuvenated, younger acting skin. Transformation is an ongoing process.


"Look as Young as You Feel"


Key ingredients:



Vitamin C        Stabilized L-ascorbic acid - stimulates collagen, brightens and lightens skin

Coffee Berry Extract   "NEW"   Most potent form of natural antioxidant of any fruit, vegetable or tea
- ORAC tested. Delivers superior anti-aging benefits, including a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a dramatic improvement in uneven skin tone and texture

Idebenone    "NEW"   Most advanced anti-aging skincare molecule discovered to date.
Bio-engineered cousin of CoEnzyme Q10.
60% smaller molecule it easily penetrates the skin and is up to 1000 times more
effective. Corrects aging at the cellular level and protects against environmental
free-radical damage (cause of collagen breakdown).
Healthy cells make for healthy looking skin.


Hyaluronic Acid        Absorbs 1000 times it's weight in water - super moisturizer.
Fixes moisture directly onto the surface of the skin.
Hydrates your skin cells, plumps up your skin and relieves dryness.


Peptides         Collagen boosters plus water binding qualities - improves skin smoothness, decreases wrinkles, and corrects photo-damaged skin.

Aloe Vera       Moisturizer, emollient, and healing agent.

Caffeine          Reduces puffiness and inflammation.

Matrixyl          Specialized pentapeptide, encourages production of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid.

Argireline        Hexapeptide that slows wrinkle formation, botox-like action.

Rigin                Mimics natural DHEA - youth hormone. Tetrapeptide that delays the aging process.

S.O.D.              Superoxide dismutase - powerful enzyme that keeps skin cells acting young.

Retinol             Delays aging process by normalizing skin cell function, increases collagen and elastin


Alpha-hydroxy Acids     Stimulates skin cell renewal - keeping skin fresh, vibrant and pores unclogged.


Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Gentian Root Extract   Treats age spots & hyperpigmented skin.

Vitamin K   Vasoconstrictor, reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Broad Spectrum sunscreens

SPF's 20, 30, 60   Moisturizing & oil free lines. A large percentage of the visible signs of aging is due to sun exposure (actinic aging).

Acne treatment

Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha and beta hydroxy acids    Clears and prevents acne.

Plus essential oils, vitamins and minerals to help keep your skin looking its best.

Product Lines:



"Love all your skin's layers and know how to protect and treat each one"


Nu-Derm - Transform your skin at the cellular level and get skin that looks and acts younger and healthier. Developed for all skin types to give smoother, hydrated and even textured complexion.
Nu-Derm system has specially formulated products



Cleanser, toner - Corrects skins pH and prepares it for the following corrective products.

Clear - clears and prevents excess pigmentation at the skins surface and improves skin tone.

Blender - corrects excess pigmentation at a deeper level, Blender is designed to work/blend with Vitamin A to take it deep into the skin to restore elastin and collagen.

Exfoderm - exfoliation of rough, dry and damaged skin cells and accelerates cell turnover.

SPF lotion - protects new healthier skin.

Professional C-Serums - 10, 15, & 20% - Stabilized L-Ascorbic acid



Maximum anti-oxidant that protects the skin against free radical damage.
Slows down the aging process, lightens & brightens the skin.
Superior delivery system results in deep penetration of Vit C into the skin.

Clenziderm - Clinical strength, effective 3 step acne treatment system.


C-System - Patented formulations that combines professional strength hydroquinone and stabilized Vitamin C. Protects skin from free radicals, gently brightens dull skin, stimulates collagen, and regulates melanin producing cells.


Rejudicare FX     "NEW"    - Stabilized form of Retinol with all the benefits of Vitamin A while minimizing irritation.
Continuous night time release of Vit A - wake up to silky smooth skin.


Elastiderm - Contains a restorative elasticity complex.

Eye Cream - Gently yet effectively moisturizers, firms and softens wrinkles around eyes.

Decolletage FX -     "NEW"     - Addresses the signs of aging on the chest and neck by renewing the strength and resilience of the often neglected skin in this area.



Skin Brightening Complex - clarifies & brightens hyperpigmented skin.

Wrinkle Reducing Lotion - firms and tightens with new collagen & elastin.

Rosaclear -    "NEW"  - System dedicated to treat rosacea. Specially formulated to calm red an inflamed skin.



Gentle Cleanser - Extra gentle to soothe while cleansing. Rinses clear and non-irritating.

Hydrating Complexion Corrector - Daily use hydrates and visibly reduces redness. Designed for sensitive skin prone to rosacea. Non-comedogenic.



"Skin renewal system to wake up your skin - developed by Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories"

Clinically tested multi-functional ingredients work together to deliver one of the most efficacious anti-aging skin care systems available today. Medicated products specifically designed treat and prevent acne.



Cleansers - Variety depending on your skins needs. Non-drying, gently exfoliates while reducing excess oil and deeply cleans pores.

Eye Matrix Cream - Hydrates, smoothes and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Renewal complex - Alpha-hydroxy acid without irritation plus antioxidants and SPF 20.

Vitamin Infusion - Triple antioxidant complex to increase collagen and repair cellular damage.

Hydrating Serum - Delivers a powerful dose of super humectant hyaluronic acid to restore aging skin to its ideal state of moisture.

Moisturizers - Sheer light weight and oil free hydrating lotions, perfect for acne prone skin.

Treatments - YQ Stratum    Patent pending complex that delivers super anti-oxidants directly into skin cells. Clinically proven to increase cellular density of the dermis to help reduce facial lines, improve texture and elasticity.

- C-scape Serum    High potency 25% stabilized Vitamin C. Increases skin clarity & tone.

- Gylcolic pads       20% glycolic acid that work as once a week at home mini peels, refines skin texture.


High quality Cosmeceuticals developed for facial rejuvenation. Anti-aging, Anti-acne - Visible long lasting results.

Recommended by physicians for concurrent use in medical interventions of aging skin such as wrinkle reduction, facial peels and laser treatments.

No mineral oil, tocopheryl acetate, animal products, fragrance or parabens - no animal testing.


Excellent line for acne prone skin.


Cleanser - Cleanses while leaving no residue and non-irritating.

Hydrogel - Soothes irritated & itchy skin. Works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, & anti-viral. Calms & heals post laser and light treated skin with phyto & marine extracts.

Dermafiline Body Cream - Firms, moistures, exfoliates and reduces cellulite.

Regenerating Cream - Deeply moisturizes & regenerates. Formulated to closely match epidermal lipids barrier, enriched with vitamins A, B, C & E & anti-oxidants.

Liftense - Lifting effect, formulated with Matrixyl, Argireline and collagen to gently lift & moisturize the skin. Optimizes botox injections and protects skin against free radical damage.

Exfoliants - Gently removes dry, dead skin cells and tightens facial pores, prevents blackheads and smoothes skin. Aids in faster skin cell turnover.

Enriched sunscreens - non-greasy, non-comedogenic, full spectrum, up to SPF 60.

To treat your foot care needs with Footlogix - effective foot care products for dry, cracked skin, sweaty feet and those hard to treat fungal infections.

We also carry Sea of Spa and Tuscan Farm Gardens soaps, hand & body lotions, anti-cellulite creams, body scrubs plus eyelash conditioners and nail and foot care products. Beautifully packaged for great gift giving.



A consultation with Dr. Andre Kirsten or our Licensed Esthetician will determine which products would be best prescribed for your concerns.

Phone 250-354-2003 to book your confidential appointment.


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