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                         “Regenerate a healthier more youthful you”


Regenerative medicine focuses on repairing damaged cells and tissues. 

Skin cells can be damaged  by

At KMA we can treat the damage and  restore the skin back  to a more youthful stage.

Using our Sciton laser and light treatments - healthy skin cells can be regenerated.

The BBL (broad band light)  treatment has been scientifically proven to return skin to a younger state.   Dr. Patrick Bitter.

    Sciton the laser/light of youth.

Not only can the outside of you be regenerated optimally but also the inside, for example - by evaluating your HGH – human growth hormone.

When this hormone is optimized it aids in the body regenerating cells at a more youthful rate.  It is one of the keys to reducing the aging process and promoting a healthier body.


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