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Sciton JOULE™             “NEW”




Kootenay Medical Aesthetics is proud to introduce the new Sciton JOULE™ a leading manufacturer of high quality medical laser and light systems for physicians offering medical aesthetics applications. 

Sciton Inc. delivers the most innovative systems in Medical Lasers and was ranked “First in Class”  by  Medical Spa MD’s survey (5000 physician membership of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, medical spas, and laser clinics. Palo Alto, Calif., November 18, 2011).

Superior  treatments for skin resurfacing, improvement of overall skin texture, reduction of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (age/sun spots), spider veins, rosacea, scars, acne and unwanted body hair.

                         Let the laser that touches your face be the most advanced and trusted.






          A broad range of light wavelengths allows targeted treatments for many different skin conditions. The flexible handpiece adapters enable treatment of hard to reach areas, producing evenly treated skin and a cooling sapphire crystal keeps the treatment area consistently safe and comfortable.

         Broad Band Light – BBL     - Corrects hyperpigmentation (age/sun spots), rosacea,

                                                          spider veins, fine lines, acne and vascular lesions. 

                                                        -  Enhances overall skin texture.

                                                        - Permanent hair removal

                          SkinTyte – ST      - Improves skin firmness by stimulating new collagen and

                                                           collagen remodelling.  



       Sciton offers lasers of 2 wavelengths:

                            ND:YAG           1064nm     vascular treatments  ClearScan

                            Erbium:YAG     2940nm     skin resurfacing        fractional - PF 

                                                                                                       full field - MLP, TRL

Nd:YAG 1064

 ClearScan is unmatched for treatment of vascular lesions from telangiectasias to leg and facial veins.  ND:YAG is now being used to treat Onychomycosis (toenail fungus).The 1064 nm wavelength has strong absorption in oxyhemoglobin resulting in selective heating and clearing of veins with excellent clinical results. Its proprietary tip effectively reduces veins and redness.  The powerful contact cooling enables treatments to be safe and comfortable for all skin types and tanned skin. 

    ClearScan treats:

  • benign vascular lesions, broken capillaries
  • rosacea, port wine stains, hemangiomas
  • telangiectasia, rosacea, redness
  • leg veins and spider veins
  • toenail fungus, warts

                           ClearScan is FDA cleared for treating vein and vascular conditions:

 Erbium:Yag 2940

Skin resurfacing can reverse the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants that over time cause wrinkles, sun spots and tired looking skin.  It restores healthy younger looking skin with only 1-2 treatments.   A computer guided  laser beam of 2940 nm wavelength will precisely scan the area of skin to be  treated with ablation and coagulation depth set for either light or deep peels.

                              There are two approaches to resurfacing:  fractional and full field

    1.     Fractional resurfacing (PF)

             The laser removes pinpoint columns of skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This approach allows the laser to penetrate very deeply for effective collagen remodeling, while the surrounding intact tissue promotes rapid healing.

                Profractional XC – PF

                       -  Minimal downtime.

                       -  Reduces fine lines & scars by improving  production of collagen & elastin

                       -  Leaves skin clearer and more toned

                       -  Addresses deeper pigmentation


    2.   Full field resurfacing  (MLP, TRL)

          The entire surface area of the skin is treated. A laser beam is scanned across the treatment area and precisely removes a layer of skin. The body will naturally replace the old, damaged skin that was removed, with a fresh, healthy layer. Treatments can range from shallow  - MLP (which might be appropriate for eliminating fine lines, sun spots and tired-looking skin) to deep  - TRL (which is often used to improve skin tone/texture and eliminate deep wrinkles, even in difficult areas like upper lip lines and crow’s feet).

                  Micro Laser Peel – MLP 

                      -  “Weekend Peel”  minimal downtime skin resurfacing.

               -  Even out skin tone, texture and color, restores a healthy youthful glow to your skin

                 Tunable Resurfacing Laser TRL

                     - Unparalled wrinkle reduction!

                     - Safe and effective deep skin resurfacing.

                     - More aggressive treatment to remove wrinkles, scars,deeply pigmented lesions and skin irregularities.

                     - Depth of treatment dependent on the downtime you have available.    



Single treatments or combination of treatments       BBL + PF,  ST + PF,  MLP + PF, TRL + PF  to best suit your individual needs.  Combination treatments done in one session,  saves time and downtime.   


                                  Sciton will deliver the results you are looking for.




SilkPeel®                                              “NEW”


Dermal Infusion “Super Facial” 



Silk Peel is a non invasive  skin rejuvenation procedure using advanced aesthetic technology to rejuvenate your skin. The only technology to provide simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation and infusion, SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ offers rejuvenation for almost every skin type and condition. SilkPeel’s diamond tip head evenly abrades the skin at a depth of 30 microns, exfoliating damaged skin cells while delivering targeted topical solutions deep into the skin. Uniquely formulated solutions for acne, aging and pigmentation enable treatments to be customized to your needs. The SilkPeel’s clinically validated technology offers immediately visible results with no downtime and can be used to target the following conditions for the face or body:

  • Acne
  • Clogged pores
  • Fine lines and texture
  • Pigmentation
  • Detoxification

 SilkPeel can be used by itself or in combination with laser or light therapies for optimized results.



Reveal Camera System "NEW"

State of the art skin analysis. Determine the exact amount of sun damage and vascularity in your skin. Photos taken will aid in the professional analysis of your skin. Physician consultation will determine the correct treatments and products best suited to your needs. Before and after photos will be taken to illustrate the effects of the treatments and products. A report can be printed for you with these recommendations and photos.


Proof will be in the mirror and in the photo. 



What will your skin reveal - Seeing is Believing


Mattioli Microdermabrasion System


Italian designed and manufactured, Mattioli, offers top of the line Medical Microdermabrasion. Using sterile corundum crystals combined with a vacuum system to exfoliate the top layer of dead and damaged skin cells resulting in a fresher, healthier looking complexion.


BLU_U Light

equipement1.jpg equipement2.jpg

BLU_U light source is a narrow focused band of blue light with a wavelength of 417 nanometers, that does not contain ultraviolet light. It is a non-invasive, safe and quick way to treat age/sun spots, actinic keratosis and acne. Exposure to the light source takes on average 15 to 30 minutes.


Red Light     "NEW"

   Aktilite red light source is a band of red light with a wavelength of 630 nanometers.  Similar to the blue light it is non-invasive, safe and quick way to treat age/sun spots, actinic keratosis and  acne.  It differs from the blue light in that it can penetrate deeper into the skin which allows for treatment of surficial basal cell carcinomas. Exposure to this light source takes 7 to 10 minutes.

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