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                                                            "Make flawless skin a reality"


Colorescience                        Colores - Protects- Corrects


Mineral make-up offered exclusively through medical spas.    Highly recommended by dermatologists  & celebrity makeup artists.


 Advanced formulations combine natural high pigmented minerals, pharmaceutical grade ingredients,

 anti-oxidants and broad spectrum UV protection.


Clinically advanced, micronized mineral make-up that covers while correcting  and protecting your skin.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients that help improve the appearance and condition of skin prone to acne, uneven skin tone and rosacea. Long lasting makeup with quality coverage. 


The founder of Colorescience, Diane Ranger, was the original inventor of mineral make-up in 1976 with her line of Bare Escentuals.   Over the years she has researched and managed other mineral makeup lines and with time perfected the product formulations and came out with her new improved line –Colorescience.


  • Colorescience  is a convenient, simple and effective make-up with natural mineral ingredients that evens out skin tone without clogging your pores or leaving a “caked on” look.  Great for acne prone skin.

  • Traditional makeup was often known to aggrevate skin problems – Colorscience  not only provides coverage and color but also improves your skin with regular use.   An excellent and healthy alternate to traditional make-up.

  • Once applied on the skin it instantly provides an all day barrier to sun damage and shields the skin from environmental pollutants.  Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (12%), Zinc Oxide (12%)

  • Evens out brown blotchy complexions, neutralizes and camouflages redness plus covers melasma and scars.It covers skin imperfections easily while leaving you with natural healthy looking flawless skin.

  • Without harsh chemicals Colorscience can be safely used after aesthetic procedures such as skin peels, light  and laser resurfacing to help reduce downtime and protect the skin.  Leaves the skin looking flawless after facials and waxing. 

  • Highly pigmented, light reflective color that gives your skin a flawless youthful look.  Strongly saturated pigments mean you need very little product to get great coverage.  The product can also be easily layered without the look of heavy powder.

Colorescience uses no artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance and chemical sunscreens.

Products are free of dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil, perfumes and other ingredients commonly found in traditional lines.

Only organically grown botanicals, high grade pharmaceuticals and natural physicial broad-spectrum sunscreens are used. 

         State of the art nanotechnology ensures purity of the micronized mineral pigments creating

    • great reflective properties to soften features

    • light absorbing properties to shield the skin from the damaging effects of the environment.

         Non-comedogenic and no animal testing  

Natural looking color and cover with great skin care advantages:


     Anti Aging


Colorescience assits with anti aging on all fronts – preventing and correcting. The products are formulated with broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection, powerful antioxidants and patented peptides. Luminescent and light weight formulas smooth, plump, and cover the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a youthful glow and flawless texture.

    Skin Redness


Colorescience offers products that gently neutralize skin redness associated with rosacea, sensitive skin and acne. Many products have hints of gold and yellow that will help hide imperfections and correct skin color.  Each product is formulated without dyes and harsh ingredients to keep your skin looking smooth and soft throughout the day.

     Skin Discoloration           

Sun spots, scarring, age-spots and skin discoloration are some of the most common skin concerns. Colorescience offers a regiment of products to work on short and long-term skin discoloration concerns.  From exfoliating mineral cleansers to targeted corrector palettes, Colorescience has solutions for everyone at any age to have an even, flawless face. 


     Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin can be hereditary, temporary or caused by other products and treatments.  Colorscience has developed a unique line of products to help calm and protect even the most sensitive skin.  Soothing ingredients include blue algae, chamomile, cucumber and aloe extract.  Use these products in combination for immediate relief and long-term benefits.

     Let me be clear

Don’t become a victim of traditional makeup that can make problem skin worse. Colorescience Pro’s Problem Skin Collection is specifically designed to create spotless coverage and color, and also to improve the condition of your skin. Our Problem Skin products are formulated with Salicylic Acid to absorb oil and minimize the appearance of pores.  Our specially formulated colors conceal blemishes and discoloration associated with problem skin, while specific skin soothers to help restore and calm the appearnace of skin.


                      "Perfect skin is not a matter of luck - it's a matter of color & science - let us show you how"


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