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              - Metagenics           


                                            Physician prescribed, science based nutraceuticals for your improved health.


              -  Silver Sol       

                                    The ultimate in immune system support.  







Nutraceuticals that are innovative, science-based, natural approach to maximize health.  Safe and effective way to improve your state of well being .


Metagenics is an industry leader in the manufacture of nutraceuticals.  T he manufacturing facility is GMP certified to ensure the highest quality standards are met.  Ingredients are evaluated regularly to maintain the highest  quality and purity for maximum effectiveness.  All formulations are reviewed for patient  safety by research professionals in the science.  Metagenics has a Functional Medicine Research Center that conducts ongoing human clinical studies to determine safety and efficacy of the products for reliable patient outcomes.




Metagenics has created formulations that effectively support


              -blood sugar                                  -immunity

              -bones                                           -intestinal

              -cardiovascular                              -joints & muscles         

              -energy                                          -nerves

              -hormones                                     -stress


Nutraceuticals that are well researched.  Prescribed products that you can trust.


Book a consult with Dr. Kirsten to determine which nutraceuticals or combination of nutraceuticals that will best suit your needs.    Ph 250-354-2003 to make your appointment for better health.






Silver Sol                           



Physician approved and prescribed,  SilverSol Technology™ by American Biotech Labs (ABL) offers great support for the immune system.   SilverSol Technology  is a newly patented method of suspending a nano silver particle in highly purified water.


Silver’s healing power has been known for many years, dating back to Greek, Roman and Chinese civilizations.

Topically it has amazing powers for tissue repair and wound healing.  Silver is natures antibiotic and was well used for its healing properties long before antibiotics became mainstream.  It is also very effective at eliminating microbes, yeasts and mould.  ABL has found a way to create an extremely powerful healing product with very low concentrations of silver which allows for a product that is effective while being safe and non-toxic.


Although there are a variety of colloidal and ionic silver products on the market today it is difficult to find one that performs as well as this superior form of silver that American Biotech Labs has developed.  They have patented their  exclusive Silver Sol technology  and thoroughly tested their nano-silver products for efficacy and safety.  It is the most researched silver technology on the market.


SilverSol has the ability to stop viruses from replicating at the DNA/RNA level and kills all pathogenic bacteria they come in contact with within minutes and without causing drug resistant bacteria.  It is gentle on the body and does not  interact with medications.  Nor does it harm probiotic beneficial bacteria.


SilverSol comes as a colorless, odourless and tasteless liquid as well as in a gel form.


As a liquid it can be taken orally to enhance the immune system  and decrease inflammation and pain.


As a water-based gel it has tremendous and rapid wound healing properties.  The Wound Dressing Gel  has recently been FDA approved for topical management of lacerations, 1st and 2nd degree burns, abrasions, skin irritations and minor cuts.


The gel is also recommended for use against age/sun spots, acne, dry & irritated skin, cold sores, sunburn and foot fungus.  It can be used on wounds associated with diabetic neuropathy. 

 The liquid version can be sprayed into the nose, throat and ears as needed for healing against sinus, ear and throat infections.


SilverSol ASAP® Products:              “Your Families First Line of Defence”



ASAP Health Max   10   8 oz             10 ppm   solution 

ASAP Health Max   30   8 & 16 oz     30 ppm   solution 

In  laboratory testing it was found that the 10 ppm solution works quicker on viruses and the 30 ppm quicker on bacteria.



ASAP Ultimate Skin and Body Care Gel   1.5   &   4 oz   24 ppm

ASAP Wound Dressing Gel                      1      &   3 oz   32 ppm   FDA Approved


Not just another silver product  SilverSol Technology is a patented, registered and trademarked product that is based on solid science and thoroughly tested.


A consultation with Dr. Andre Kirsten will determine how  your immune system and overall health can be improved with SilverSol ASAP®.


Phone 250-354-2003 to book your confidential appointment


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